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Repair of a ruined chair.

The chair had suffered from broken tennons caused by a heavily woodwormed frame support block. The very thin tennons were then not capable of taking the weight of the guest at the customers dinner party....

Picture on the left showing cutting out from the underside of the frame the place where the new tennons will be inserted. This way the work is not visible from the top. The tenon was originally only 1”. To hold the new timber, it needs to extend further into the frame to give it strength. The third picture shows the new tennons loosely fitted in the frame just before final assembly and gluing. The last two show the underside of the frame after gluing and sanding showing the way the tennons extend into the frame. Far right picture shows new tenons after staining / painting in.

The first picture above shows the creation of the new frame support block. The second with the profile beginning to take shape. Right – finished item.Right most picture – fully repaired, aligned and assembled.

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