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Making of a bespoke console table.

The client had seen a table from a very ‘on trend’ furniture supplier (this is the screen shot I was sent).

However it was not the right dimensions for her requirement. She wanted it to be taller and wider to cover a log basket.

This was an interesting furniture commission and a divergence from my usual medium of working in wood. All of the metal pieces had to be perfectly square in preparation for brazing otherwise a small fraction of inaccuracy would result in this error being amplified by the long length of the legs or side supports.

I started to weld the two sides first. Marking out a template on a perfectly flat slab.

console table sides

The two sides were then welded to the horizontal supports.

After cleaning and priming in red (it helps to bring out the gold, something that is common in gilding. The gold paint was then applied.

Metalic paints are a challenge to use as they go from being motley to having runs.

After numerous coats then several in varnish the final step as then to attach the marble. See photo below installed at the customers house. She was so impressed she paid £20 me more than the original quote! Now that does not normally happen. Very kind.

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