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Restoration of an Edwardian cottage front door.

Although the original door it has had some fairly rough treatement over the years. The original stained glass panels had been replaced with paneled glass which was partly broken.

The task required by the customer was to design stained glass panels which were not showey, would be in keeping with the house and to let coloured light flood in.

The design settled on used catherdral glass, but with a central star design. The points of the star was so fine that even with fine lead came (the ‘H’ profile lead that the glass slots into) would disguise too much of the design. As a result copper foil was used. This gave the window an interesting central focus. The circle was then finished off in a circle of 8mm lead came.

Before the window could be installed all the carpentry work had to be done to accommodate the new knocker, locks and letter box. Then filling and painting could begin. Finally the new windows could be installed.

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